Granger Smith Announces New Album, ‘Remington’

Granger Smith will release his Wheelhouse Records debut album, Remington, in March. It features his current hit single, "Backroad Song." 

Written by Lauren Laffer
Granger Smith Announces New Album, ‘Remington’
Granger Smith, Publicity Photo

After releasing several albums as an independent artist, Granger Smith has announced his Wheelhouse Records debut album, Remington.

“I’ve always thought of my albums as diaries of my life,” says Granger. “Some songs are easy and light-hearted, while others are painful and personal. During this time, we welcomed the birth of my little boy, and we lost my dad. My life was such a roller coaster during my time writing and recording Remington, and you can hear that journey in these songs.”


Remington will feature 15 tracks, including the Texas native’s current single “Backroad Song” and the song, “Merica,” which features his insanely popular alter-ego, Earl Dibbles Jr.

The project is due out on March 4. Currently, Smith is out on the road for his attendance breaking national tour. For tour dates, visit

Remington track listing:
1. “Backroad Song” (Granger Smith, Frank Rogers)
2. “Tonight” (Granger Smith, Frank Rogers)
3. “Remington” (Granger Smith, Frank Rogers)
4. “If The Boot Fits” (Jordan M. Schmidt, Andy Albert, Mitchell Tenpenny)
5. “Tailgate Town” (Granger Smith, Frank Rogers)
6. “Blue Collar Dollars” (Westin Davis, Jaron Boyer, Josh Mirenda)
7. “Crazy As Me” feat. Brooke Eden (Granger Smith, Frank Rogers)
8. “Likin’ Love Songs” (Granger Smith, Frank Rogers)
9. “Tractor” (Granger Smith)
10. “Echo” (Granger Smith, Frank Rogers)
11. “Around The Sun” (Granger Smith, Frank Rogers)
12. “5 More Minutes” *GS Reloaded bonus track (Granger Smith)
13. “Country Boy Love” *EDJ Reloaded bonus track feat. Earl Dibbles Jr. (Earl Dibbles, Jr.)
14. “City Boy Stuck” *feat. Earl Dibbles Jr. (Earl Dibbles Jr., Austin Outlaw, Tyler Smith, Chris Lee)
15. “Merica” feat. Earl Dibbles Jr. (Earl Dibbles Jr., Austin Outlaw, Chris Lee, Dusty Saxton)