Granger Smith Searches His Soul in ‘That’s Why I Love Dirt Roads’ Video

They're good for more than tailgate droppin' and cold-can poppin'.

Written by Chris Parton
Granger Smith Searches His Soul in ‘That’s Why I Love Dirt Roads’ Video
Granger Smith; Photo Credit: Philip Roy

Country singer Granger Smith presents a tender take on the back-road tribute in his new video for “That’s Why I Love Dirt Roads,” looking inward to explain the allure of an unpaved path.

Featuring the sunset vibes of steel guitar and soft-spoken vocals, the reflective single is all about the things a dirt road is good for — other than the typical tailgate dropping and cold-can popping. His beautifully-shot video finds him out where only dirt roads go, surrounded by gorgeous emptiness as he fixes fence line, feeds cattle and ponders a bigger picture.

“It’s interesting to take a song title like ‘That’s Why I Love Dirt Roads’ and spin it against the grain from the typical Country song,” Smith explains. “Instead of covering beer, girls and tailgates, what if that song turned the setting into an introspective anthem for living life in the present moment; almost a Country meditation. What if dirt roads were the place to escape, get lost in thought, and be closest to God? We tried to write this song where dirt roads became the sanctuary, a place where we feel most at peace.”

“That’s why I love dirt roads, make the world turn real slow / Feel the gravel letting go, it’s stirring up my soul / That’s why I love running wild through country miles, they’re out of style, they take a while / But every winding ride’ll lead me home / That’s why I love dirt roads,” goes the soul-searching chorus.

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Talk to God on ‘em, we get lost on ‘em, find our way to a rocky mountain top on ‘em. There’s nothing like a beautiful mountain to make me feel like I’m not in charge around here. I can come and go, but these hills won’t remember me. They’ve been here long before me and they’ll be here long after. – There’s a strange comfort in that right? We don’t always have to think we’re in charge of our own destiny. – In fact, most of the time we don’t even realize we’re fighting against the stream until we finally just let the current take us where we are supposed to be. Anybody else have a spot they can go where it’s so quiet that it almost hurts your ears? I love it. – This pic is from Valley of Fire in Nevada. It too…won’t remember me.

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“That’s Why I Love Dirt Roads” is the first single from Smith’s yet-to-be-announced next recording project. He’s currently on tour with headline dates scheduled through March before a summer full of festival appearances.