Home Free Aim for Glory ‘Go Rest High on That Mountain’

Watch the emotional ballad come to life!

Written by Chris Parton
Home Free Aim for Glory ‘Go Rest High on That Mountain’
Home Free; Photo via YouTube/The Bolo Brothers and Green Shoe Collective

Vocal country group Home Free deliver a harmony-filled tribute to fallen soldiers in their latest video, covering Vince Gill’s moving “Go Rest High on That Mountain.”

Highlighting the deeply emotional ballad with band member Rob Lundquist’s tender tenor, the track serves to honor those who’ve paid the ultimate price in service of their country — and its sense of sacrifice comes to life in the video. Filmed by The Bolo Brothers and Green Shoe Collective, it features a grandfather teaching his young grandson about honor, duty and family, with the elder flashing back to his time in WW2 and the brother who didn’t come back.

“We’ve been performing ‘Go Rest High on That Mountain’ for a while now,” Lundquist explains of the track, which the band flesh out with an “Amazing Grace” bridge. “I can’t count the number of times we’ve had fans tell us how much this song means to them because it reminds them of their late loved ones – many of whom were military veterans. When the time came to make this video, we took that feedback to heart and decided we wanted to incorporate a story that would serve as a tribute to our fallen heroes. It turned out better than we ever could have imagined, and I’m so glad we got to recognize the men and women who sacrifice everything, in order for the rest of us to be free and safe.”

“‘Go Rest High on That Mountain’ is a song that affects everyone who hears it, country fan or not,” adds bandmate Austin Brown. “It touches on those feelings of hope that we must remember in times of loss and change – something we all experience together in this life.”

“Go Rest High on That Mountain” is included as part of the band’s fifth album, Dive Bar Saints, and the quintet hopes to get back on the road for their Dive Bar Saints World Tour in July.