Ingrid Andress and Sam Hunt Face the Sobering Hurt of Breakups in ‘Wishful Drinking’

No chaser needed for this collaboration.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Ingrid Andress and Sam Hunt Face the Sobering Hurt of Breakups in ‘Wishful Drinking’
Ingrid Andress and Sam Hunt; Cover art courtesy of Warner Music Nashville

Getting over someone you once loved is never easy, but Ingrid Andress and Sam Hunt are taking a shot at describing the intoxicating emotion behind a breakup in their new duet, “Wishful Drinking.”

The fresh country track spins with a modern buzz that mixes clever lines with a strong beat over ice for a sound that goes down easy despite the theme’s bitter aftertaste. As the two singers contemplate what once was, the drunkenness of a lost romance clouds over the chances of moving on.

I get hopeful when I’m tipsy / thinking you might actually miss me / it’s 100 proof, nothing I won’t do / for another round of me and you / I’m wishful drinking,” Andress and Hunt sing together in the chorus.

As Andress’ vocals are like classy liquid courage, Hunt’s addition to the song goes down smooth as high-dollar wine when he takes over the second verse. Not once do the singers feel like their harmonies are on the rocks, but rather a heavy blend that leaves the listeners in their feels.

“I’ve never done anything like ‘Wishful Drinking’ before,” Andress said in a press release. “I’ve always wanted to work with Sam and have been such a fan of his for a long time. I admire how he stays so true to himself and am so happy to have him join me for my first collaboration. The song was co-written by my friend JP Saxe, and it became this amazing sad bop, which we all know I love.”

“I heard Ingrid’s music a while back and knew right away she was a very talented singer and songwriter,” added Hunt. “I met her not long ago at a Nashville Sports League kickball game and I really enjoyed getting to know her a little bit. When the opportunity came along to be a part of this song with her, I was all in.”

Andress has actually worked with Hunt before, but the songs have yet to be released. Her songwriting abilities have transferred into several genres, as well as her own debut project, Lady Like. Her efforts have earned her massive respect as not only a writer and producer, but an artist and performer. The album gained accolades like three GRAMMY nominations for Best Country Album, Best New Artist and Best Country Song for her big single, “More Hearts Than Mine.”

The “Lady Like” singer will hit the road later this summer, where she will open up for Dan + Shay starting in early September. Fans can find more information about her upcoming live shows on her website.