Go Inside Rachel Reinert’s Desolate ‘Here’ Video Shoot

She takes viewers behind the scenes today (5/20).

Go Inside Rachel Reinert’s Desolate ‘Here’ Video Shoot
Rachel Reinert; Photo credit: Susan Berry

Singer-songwriter Rachel Reinert takes viewers inside the making of her desolate “Here” music video on Sounds Like Nashville, premiering a thoughtful behind-the-scenes clip today (May 20).

A former member of the chart topping country band, Gloriana, Reinert pursues an abstract, artistic approach with “Here” — and gives it a moody visual in the song’s video. Capturing a sense of solitude and loneliness (but with hope that everything happens for a reason) she first explains how the song came to be in the behind-the-scenes clip, calling it a true collaboration with Tommy Lee James and producer Davis Nash.

Working to match the track’s ethereal alt-rock sound, which shimmers with vocal flourishes and brims with emotion, Reinert says she and director Josh Kranich teamed up just before the COVID-19 lockdowns to film an all-natural video. And with her best friend from middle school offering interpretative-dance skills, she calls it some of her “proudest work.”

“This shoot was unlike any other I have done before,” Reinert tells SLN. “My director, Josh Kranich, chose to film and light everything himself which gave the video that super intimate/indie feel, which I think fits this song perfectly. It was also SO special to get to have my best friend fly in from Los Angeles to dance in it. We shot most of the video outside in the freezing cold and rain, which we were not prepared for, but everybody put their discomfort aside to make this beautiful piece of art.”

“Here” is part of Rachel Reinert’s debut solo album, Into the Blue, along with her standout previous releases, “All We Have,” “Cool” and “Dark Star.”