Introducing Country Music’s Newest Sibling Trio: Track45

New country sibling trio Track45 share about their journey to Nashville in the second episode of ‘Small Town Stories.'

Written by Jeremy Chua
Introducing Country Music’s Newest Sibling Trio: Track45
Track45 (L-R: Ben, KK, Jenna); Photo Credit: Joseph Llanes

Miss hearing some sibling harmonies on country radio? Well, look no further. Introducing country music’s newest sibling trio on the block: Track45. 

The siblings—Jenna, Ben and KK Johnson—hail from Meridian, Mississippi, and are one of the newest signees with Nashville-based record label, Stoney Creek Records / BBR Music Group . 

In the latest (and second) episode of their introductory YouTube ‘Small Town Stories’ series, premiering exclusively on Sounds Like Nashville, Track45 offer fans a peek into their brave move from their hometown to the bustling Nashville, Tennessee.

After being spotted and later encouraged by Nashville industry veteran Marty Gamblin (Alan Jackson, Glen Campbell) to move to Music City, the siblings discussed the decision with their parents and started saving up judiciously for the big move—which they eventually did.

“When I moved to Nashville, I was only 15 and I was all in. I was so ready to be in Nashville where the music was and chase my dreams. ” KK shared in the video. “But then, I was also 15. So once I got here, there was an adjustment because I left my friends and family.”

“It was an exciting time for sure, but at the same time, it was also super intimidating,” Ben adds. “Every night, you feel like anything’s possible and we kinda make our plan for the next day. You feel like you’re taking steps towards your dream.”

When Track45 moved to Music City, they had put up a “dream board” on their wall filled with sticky notes detailing the goals they had in mind. Though thrilling, it also left the trio wondering how they were going to accomplish them all.

“It is hard,” Jenna admits. “You have days that people tell you no, and that hurts. Getting rejected is really hard, there’s no nice way to put that. And I’ll say that having each other made it easier.”

In their first year in Nashville, Track45 got to make a trip to the beloved Grand Ole Opry, where they got to watch a show and go backstage. There, the siblings also met Ricky Skaggs, Josh Turner and country living legend, Dolly Parton—which marked a full circle moment for them after performing in Dollywood during their younger days. 

KK reflects, “Looking back (from the days of the ‘dream board’) and seeing how much we have accomplished is very cool.”

In the first episode of ‘Small Town Stories,’ KK shares that their little hometown’s claim to fame is that it was home to country music forefather, Jimmie Rodgers. On its size, she jokes, “A good comparison is it’s big enough for a Walmart and Waffle House, but not big enough for a Target.” Ben then shares that learning the piano was a musical foundation encouraged by their mother, which later into all three venturing out to various other instruments.

However, it wasn’t until their “bluegrass and barbecue festival” gig at Dollywood did the Johnsons collectively decide that making a music career as a trio was the move. 

“We ended up playing four shows a week and at the end of that, we looked at each other and was like, ‘This is what we want to do with our lives,” KK adds. “We don’t know what it’ll look like, we don’t know if we’ll be playing on the side of the road or a stadium, but this is what we want to do.”

“Preferably a stadium,” Ben quips.

Outside of his work in Track45, Ben also boasts a laudable resume of songwriting credits, which includes songs penned for Charlie Puth, Thomas Rhett, Lauren Alaina, Ryan Griffin and Lee Brice—whose latest number one “One of Them Girls” was co-written by him. 

Track45’s Small Town EP features a collection of songs that celebrate their small town heritage and values learned along the way. The project kicks off with the infectious and feel-good tune, “Come On In,” which invites listeners to their little bitty hometown. “Me + You” also celebrates authentic southern hospitality over a breezy production and highlights the velvety sibling harmonies. EP closer, “Met Me Now,” chronicles the what-ifs of a possible romance over wistful lyrics. 

Listen to Track45’s debut EP below, and watch the latest episode of their ‘Small Town Stories’ series above.