Jason Aldean Bids Farewell to Summer in ‘A Little More Summertime Video’

Aldean enlisted his wife, Brittany Kerr, as his co-star for the clip. 

Written by Lauren Laffer
Jason Aldean Bids Farewell to Summer in ‘A Little More Summertime Video’
Photo via YouTube

To celebrate the release of his new album, They Don’t Know, Jason Aldean has released the new music video for his single, “A Little More Summertime.” The song is the follow-up to his 17th No.1 hit, “Lights Come On.”

“The second single ‘A Little More Summertime’ was one of the first songs we found for the record,” Aldean told Sounds Like Nashville and other media during a recent interview. “To me, I don’t know, there was just something really cool melodically about it that was a little different than some of the things we had in the past. The thing that really grabbed me was the U2 guitar stuff going on right before the chorus. That was the vibe I gave them when we went in to cut the song. I was like, ‘If there’s a vibe we’re going after here, it’s U2. Just think about that while you’re playing it.’”

The track was a perfect fit for the direction Aldean wanted to take the album in.

“[What] we were missing on the last album was those songs that tell the stories and lay it out for you and paint the picture,” he explained. “I feel like this is one of those songs that’s like that, and that’s something I feel like we got away from a little bit before, and so putting this song out was a way to get back on track with that.”

The Georgia native has a clearly painted picture in the stunning clip that features him and his wife Brittany Kerr on the beach as they bid farewell to summer, and each other.

Aldean’s album, They Don’t Know, is out now.