Jason Aldean Drops Regret Filled ‘Blame It On You’ as Next Single

Find out where the blame for a bad breakup really lies in this wounded power ballad.

Written by Chris Parton
Jason Aldean Drops Regret Filled ‘Blame It On You’ as Next Single
Jason Aldean; Photo credit: Joseph Llanes

Jason Aldean is looking for a reason in his new single, “Blame It On You.” A reason for his broken heart and the end of another relationship. But even with the late nights and whiskey, he should just look in the mirror.

Released this week as the third single off his most recent album (9), the powerful breakup ballad mixes a thundering country sound with delicate emotions and a Top 40 gloss, as Aldean portrays a guy at the end of his romantic rope. Through searing electric guitars and regret-filled vocals, he howls at the moon and ticks off all the things that might be to blame for his lonely state. But in the end, he knows who’s fault it is. It’s a classic-country theme wrapped up in a modern package, and Aldean says he’s a sucker for a low-and-slow anthem.

“When I hear songs like ‘Blame It On You’ that have more of a pop side but are still killer … I always want to see what we can do with it,” he says in a press release about the single. “The demo had this really cool auto-tune in the background that I immediately knew we needed to leave in there. We ended up cranking it up and now it almost sounds like there’s another singer on the song. It’s just really cool. I’ve always said that just because it’s a slower song, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be edgy. You can still have some attitude to it.”

“I could blame it on the whiskey / I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t even miss me / Gave you a million reasons, girl, not to be with me (with me) /Should’ve never let you go, should’ve never watched you go / I could blame it on a good high / Let it take the blame for why you told me goodbye / Instead of missin’ you and missin’ all those good times / Should’ve never let you go, should’ve never watched you go / I could say I never knew / I could drink around the truth / But I can’t blame it on you,” goes the rapid fire chorus.

“Blame It On You” was written by Aldean’s bandmates, Kurt Allison and Tully Kennedy, with John Edwards, Michael Tyler and Brian White. It appears on his 9 album and follows his 24th career Number One, “Got What I Got,” and fans can expect more new music to come. The superstar recently posted a picture of himself in a recording studio, as he starts work on his upcoming tenth album.

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