Jason Aldean’s Three-Part Video for ‘You Make It Easy’ Will Make You Cry

Following a couple's story of falling in love and the hardships they endure, Jason Aldean brings romance to life in 'You Make It Easy.'

Written by Kelly Brickey
Jason Aldean’s Three-Part Video for ‘You Make It Easy’ Will Make You Cry
Jason Aldean; Photo via YouTube

The first time Jason Aldean ever heard a cut of his recent single, “You Make It Easy,” he immediately envisioned what he wanted the music video to look like and that involved creating a three-part mini-movie to tell a romantic story like never before.

Starting off with a tear-jerker moment where the lead man gets hit in his truck and rolls over multiple times, the video cuts to the precious moments of life alongside his girlfriend where the two playfully laugh under white cotton sheets and share kisses while soaking in a clawfoot tub. Cutting back to the horrific realization that he needs his love to know what happened, the man yells at the fellow truck driver who crashed into him to ‘call Grace.’

Following the videos further, Aldean provides the background soundtrack to a progressing relationship that goes through a dive bar proposal and a barn wedding surrounded by friends and family. The plot twist hits, though, in the third part of the single series when the audience finds out that the man lost his legs in the accident but his true love, Grace, still holds on for the long run.

Aldean hoped for fans to take a journey watching the film while still letting the track work its magic with its romantic waltz beat and he let Shaun Silva lead the way when it came to making this passionate relationship come to life.

“The first time I heard this song, I was riding around in my truck,” said Aldean in a press release. “I immediately needed to cut it and always felt like it could be the first single. I told Shaun that I wanted the videos to capture the love story that this song tells, and I think one of the things he’s really good at is taking our ideas and running with them in a cool way.”

The singer also finished up the mini-movie with an on-camera interview in which he and Silva discuss the treatment and Aldean’s desire to release this as the lead single from his upcoming record, Rearview Town.

“I think obviously anybody that’s probably listened to my records over the years knows that my influences are scattered across the board. Obviously country, but a lot of rock and roll, Southern rock, hip hop, R&B and blues. I think a lot of times, as an artist, it’s kinda tough to sorta not reinvent yourself, but feel like you’re putting out records and albums that don’t sound like everything else that you’ve done,” Aldean explained of the slow song change-up.

“You Make It Easy” will be a part of Aldean’s anticipated record, Rearview Town, which will release on Friday, April 13.