Jennifer Nettles Bids Farewell to Heartbreak in New Music Video

"Hey heartbreak, don't come back / I swept up your shattered glass / What goes around is coming back around," she sings. 

Written by Lauren Laffer
Jennifer Nettles Bids Farewell to Heartbreak in New Music Video
Jennifer Nettles; Photo Courtesy of Big Machine Records

Jennifer Nettles is bidding farewell to heartbreak in the music video for her latest single “Hey Heartbreak.” In the clip, shot by Shane Drake in California, Nettles is setting herself free from memories and sorrow by enjoying a stay in a beach-side hotel, innocent flirting with the wait staff and solo dance parties.

“Who can’t relate to a good breakup song?” said Nettles. “The fun part is that there are all kinds of breakup songs. You could be Adele and you could be heartbroken and down. Or you could be ‘Hey Heartbreak’ that is super fun and triumphant and almost like an anthem for freedom. You’re really moving past the sadness and healing.”

“The whole idea here is that she is letting go of a heartbreak,” explained Drake of the video’s concept. “She’s letting go of all the things that make you feel down – make you feel constricted. We decided to take positive approach towards ourselves where Jennifer can have Santa Barbara to recharge and re-energize.”

Nettles eventually lets go of her heartbreak when she releases it into the ocean and walks away cleansed of pain.

The track was written by Sara Haze, Shane McAnally, and Jimmy Robbins and follows the heart-wrenching debut single from her Playing With Fire album, “Unlove You.”

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