Joel Crouse Puts a Face to Suicide Prevention in ‘On My Way’ Video

New video features cameos from Ed Sheeran, Lucy Hale and Darius Rucker.

Written by Chris Parton
Joel Crouse Puts a Face to Suicide Prevention in ‘On My Way’ Video
Joel Crouse; Photo Credit: Rob Norris

Joel Crouse captures the spirit behind a supportive standout in his new music video, enlisting famous friends for “On My Way.”

Co-written by the Nashville pop artist with Ed Sheeran and Kyle Rife, the comforting track is all about having hope — and someone to lean on — when times get tough. First introduced in October of last year, the song shined light into life’s darker moments aiming to prevent suicide, and its video showcases the faces behind that message.

Directed by Rob Norris and filled with heartfelt thank-you notes to those who embody the song’s there-for-you-no-matter-what theme, it’s all gratitude and positivity — plus friends like Sheeran, Lucy Hale and Darius Rucker.

“Most of us can relate to the crippling feelings that anxiety, depression and addiction can bring up,” Crouse says in a press release about the video. “But we often have a hard time asking for help, which shouldn’t be the case. Even in the moments of feeling completely alone, hopefully all of us have someone we can reach out to … Someone who always says ‘I’m on my way.’”

“On My Way” is the lead track from Crouse’s wasteLAnd EP, which is out now. The newcomer has previously spent time opening shows for Taylor Swift and Sheeran on Swift’s Red Tour, and also opened for Rucker for four years.

wasteLAnd EP track list:

  1. “Survivin’” (written and produced by Joel Crouse and Todd Clark)
  2. “Hum” (written by Crouse, Davis Naish and Mikey Reaves; produced by Naish and Reaves)
  3. “On My Way” (written by Crouse, Ed Sheeran and Kyle Rife; produced by Naish)
  4. “Sleeping Through My Dreams” (written and produced by Crouse, Naish and Whakaio Taahi)
  5. “Interstellar” (written and produced by Crouse and Naish)
  6. “wasteLAnd” (written by Crouse, Jefferey Steele, Bob Di’Pero and Naish; produced by Naish)
  7. “Me” (written by Crouse, Naish and Sonia Leigh; produced by Crouse and Naish)