John Rich and Jason Isbell Set Positive Example With Civil Discussion of Politics

Singers Jason Isbell and John Rich showed major class when they had a respectable conversation about politics on Twitter.

Written by Lauren Laffer
John Rich and Jason Isbell Set Positive Example With Civil Discussion of Politics
Jason Isbell, Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for Americana Music Association; John Rich, Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

In what could have been an ugly war of words, John Rich and Jason Isbell are taking the high road to show just how dignified a conversation about politics can be.

The discussion began after Isbell told MSNBC that he planned to vote in order to cancel out the Big & Rich singer’s vote.

“In Tennessee, I know it’s very easy for people to think their vote is not going to matter. Especially people who might be on the left end of the spectrum… ‘It’s Tennessee, it’s going to go a certain way no matter what I do,’” he told reporter Cal Perry. “The people you disagree with are showing up to vote … so if you want to cancel them out, do it. Personally, I’m going to vote to cancel out John Rich from the band Big & Rich. His vote is not going to matter because I’m going to go and vote the opposite.”

Rather than respond with vitriol and hateful words, Rich responded on Twitter, saying that he supports Isbell’s right to vote how he pleases because that’s what makes America, America.

“I think it’s great that @JasonIsbell is vocal about his beliefs. So am I. I also dig his music, even though he doesn’t like mine. The point is, we should be able to disagree on policies in this country and still be unified through our belief in America and what it stands for,” wrote Rich.

His response earned support from Isbell, who said, “I appreciate the class here. Wish more of our Congresspeople could have this type of discussion.”

Rich concluded the conversation by wishing the singer luck on his Ryman Auditorium residency shows.

“Exactly. You and I should have a chat, the nation could learn from us about how to disagree with some integrity. I bet we have more in common that we realize. Good luck on your shows in Nashville. Tear ‘em up!”

The classy conversation earned praise from fans who wrote that the exchange shows true leadership and class.

In a time where many are divided based on their political ideals, it’s nice to see two artists on opposite sides of the spectrum come together and show a sense of unity, no matter their belief system.