Johnny Gates Makes ‘Reckless’ Decisions To Win Back An Old Flame

Sometimes, a little whiskey might give us the courage we need to be 'reckless'...

Written by Jeremy Chua
Johnny Gates Makes ‘Reckless’ Decisions To Win Back An Old Flame
Johnny Gates; Photo credit: Jimmy Fisco

Emerging country singer Johnny Gates is taking uncalculated risks to win back his ex on “Reckless.”

The mid-tempo breakup tune details an emboldened Gates’ follow-up plan to win back a past love. It is one that ignores caution and hopes in anticipation for the favorable odds that might follow a “drunk dial.”

“We’ve been keeping it in between the lines / But girl don’t you think it’s bout time / We take this over you off the track and get you back on my mind / Might get a little reckless tonight,” Gates declares on the impassioned chorus. In a bid to win his old flame back, he proceeds to make his ‘right’ moves, without caution.

“With ‘Reckless,’ we wanted to write about that feeling of trying like hell to get over someone – until finally realizing that maybe you don’t want to get over them,” the Providence, RI native says of the track, which he co-wrote with Mason Thornley and Tyler Thompson. “That might look like a lot of things: slipping up and calling, or hanging out—maybe even trying to give it another shot.” 

“Reckless” is the follow-up to Gates’ earlier releases, which include “Flirt,” “Buy You A Beer,” “Scotch Tape” and the melancholic heartbreak song, “Loretta Lynn.” Earlier last year, the promising newcomer also inked a global publishing deal with Deluge Music. 

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