Jon Pardi Chases Love in ‘Ain’t Always the Cowboy’ Video

This pure-Western clip brings the song to life!

Written by Chris Parton
Jon Pardi Chases Love in ‘Ain’t Always the Cowboy’ Video
Jon Pardi; Photo credit: Jim Wright

Jon Pardi highlights the trouble in trying to rope the wind with his new video for “Ain’t Always the Cowboy,” turning the typical romantic narrative on its head.

Written by by Josh Thompson and Brandon Kinney, the twangy electric waltz is all about how it’s not always the guy who’s running away from love, and Pardi’s dusty video brings it to life. Directed by Carlos Ruiz and featuring a pure-Western story line, it takes place in the sun-baked desert and finds a love struggling to bloom, as an ambitious, hard-working barrel racer pushes away from love to chase her dreams. The idea has intrigued Pardi from the beginning, he explains, noting that there always seems to be something fresh to say when it comes to love.

“I feel like the topic of the song hasn’t been written about in this way, and I love songs that approach things differently and offer fresh perspectives,” he says of the song.

“It ain’t always the cowboy, that ain’t got a lot of hang around / Ain’t got no settle down in their boots, gone’s just what they do / That restless runnin’ / Searchin’ for somethin’ / Leavin’ love in the dust of a midnight Chevrolet / It ain’t always the cowboy that rides away,” goes the classic-inspired chorus.

“Ain’t Always the Cowboy” is part of Pardi’s acclaimed Heartache Medication album, and follows up to the single of the same name, which hit Number one in February. Pardi has always been vocal about his deep love of horses and the rodeo , and even took a trip home to California recently to some roping on a famous horse.