Jon Pardi is Ready to Be Back on Tour with Dierks Bentley

Looking up to Bentley as somewhat of a role model in country music, Pardi knew he wanted to get on the lineup for the 2017 What the Hell Tour.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Jon Pardi is Ready to Be Back on Tour with Dierks Bentley
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The bond that two artist make in the span of a tour turns out to be stronger than many other forms of friendship. As not only a friend but also a role model, Jon Pardi is incredibly eager to get back on the road with Dierks Bentley to continue on their travelling friendship and get to know each other even more.

Last time Bentley and Pardi teamed up to take their shows on the road was back in 2014, and Pardi reminisces on all of the good memories he had during his time opening up for the “Different for Girls” singer. So in order to get on Bentley’s good side to return for the 2017 What the Hell World Tour, Pardi did a little investigating and polite begging over the phone.

“I went out with Dierks in 2014 and I love his crew, I love him,” he explained to Sounds Like Nashville and other media at his recent No. 1 party. “I wanted to be back on tour with Dierks. And so when it was rumor of a slot being filled, I was like texting Dierks all the time like, ‘Hey, man! You know you’re going on tour. You know you need an opening act. I’ll be there!’”

But not only does Pardi like the touring atmosphere that Bentley and his crew provide, he also looks up to Bentley for guidance and advice in the country music industry.

“It was just really cool when it all came together at the right time and it was awesome to be back on tour with Dierks because he’s a good guy and he’s always been kinda a big brother. As an artist if I really needed a question, I could call or text him and he would get back to me. That’s a good thing to have, especially with a guy like Dierks Bentley,” Pardi said.

Pardi will join both Bentley and Cole Swindell at the very beginning of next year to bring fans to the 2017 What the Hell World Tour. Dates and ticket information about the tour can be found on Pardi’s website.