Justin Moore Remembers the Good Old Days in ‘We Didn’t Have Much’

Sometimes the broke life is the best life.

Written by Chris Parton
Justin Moore Remembers the Good Old Days in ‘We Didn’t Have Much’
Justin Moore; Photo Credit: Cody Villalobos

Justin Moore celebrates the simple things in his nostalgic new single, “We Didn’t Have Much,” looking to the past for tips on a better way of life.

Filled with small town memories of a life that was rich in love and happiness, but not much else, the heartwarming track wasn’t written by Moore — but it speaks straight to his life today. Ever since he pandemic, he explains, he and his family have gotten back to basics.

“Throughout this whole window of time that we’ve all been dealing with with COVID and the pandemic et cetera, I know my family has gotten back to a more simple way of life if you will,” he tells Sounds Like Nashville exclusively. “And I think this song is very very poignant if that were to apply to your life as well. Not concerned with certain things that sometimes we get wrapped up in on a day-to-day basis, and now going and borrowing eggs and flour and stuff from your neighbors and all that good stuff that we maybe had gotten away from. I know myself and my family had done that throughout this time. I think this song is very time sensitive in that regard.”

Marking the first taste of his upcoming sixth album, Moore goes on to say that the song sounds different from any single he’s ever released. Produced by Jeremy Stover and Scott Borchetta, it’s definitely a tender and reflective ballad, with the singer stepping away from his usual rowdy approach and tapping into his thoughtful side. Moore says the whole track stirs his soul, but one line in particular reminds him of his childhood in Arkansas.

“I think my favorite lyric from the song is ‘A dog barkin’ in the yard at a truck we don’t know,’ he says. “I know I grew up with dogs and a lot of my friends grew up with dogs. They’re protective, especially when a truck pulls into the yard and they don’t recognize the truck. So that one kinda hit home for me.”

Lately, Moore’s been keeping busy with his Justin Moore Podcast, interviewing everyone from friends like Jon Pardi to pro wrestling icon Diamond Dallas Page alongside his tour manager, J.R. Following his recent Live At the Ryman album, “We Didn’t Have Much” was written by Stover, Randy Montana and Paul DiGiovanni, and his new album is expected in 2021.