Kalie Shorr Calls Out a Former BFF in Edgy New Diss Track, ‘Amy’

This one'll get you pumped up!

Written by Chris Parton
Kalie Shorr Calls Out a Former BFF in Edgy New Diss Track, ‘Amy’
Kalie Shorr; Photo credit: Catherine Powell

Kalie Shorr calls out a former BFF in the edgy new anthem, “Amy” — a hard-rocking diss track that feels like a more aggressive, friendship-focused version of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene.”

Featuring a blood-pumping sound that’s full pounding drums and lyrics like a balled up fist, the just-released track finds Shorr offering to take out the metaphorical trash. It’s a get-lost anthem aimed squarely at a one-time-friend who did their relationship dirty, packed with tough-talking truth and pissed-off aggression. And it finds the Nashville songwriter refusing to sit back and let someone walk all over her.

Written by Shorr with Candi Carpenter and John Caldwell, “Amy” also finds Shorr working with rock star producer Butch Walker — giving it that authentic pop-punk sneer — and marks the first track released from a new EP expected later this year. She opened up about the real-life drama behind the cathartic track on Tik Tok, and just like the song, didn’t hold anything back.

“Sometimes a song that pours out of me is from hurt and sometimes it’s from anger. ‘Amy’ is from both, and it came from a cathartic writing session with my friends Candi Carpenter and John Caldwell,” Shorr explains in an official statement. “I’d been working on this song idea for two-and-a-half years. After we finished it, I randomly decided to put an acoustic version of the song up on TikTok. I didn’t realize how many people had been in a similar position and needed a song to let them know they weren’t alone in that hurt. I never expected that response, I never expected two million people to see it, and I certainly never expected that I would get to record the song with Butch Walker. Anyone who knows me knows that his music (and the music he’s produced) has been the soundtrack to my life. And now it still is, just a lot more literally. My music has always been honest and unfiltered, and it’s been so eye opening, from Open Book to ‘Amy,’ to see how being vulnerable about your hurt can lead directly to healing.” 


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“Kalie posted a 30 second video of her song ‘Amy’ on acoustic guitar on TikTok. That’s all I really needed to hear,” Walker adds. “I was already a big fan of her voice and her personality as an artist…BUT…the song immediately caught my ears, and the lyrics are honest and brutal. I kinda like that in a song!” 

Kalie Shorr broke out in 2016 with “Fight Like A Girl,” and has lately built a reputation for bold musical honesty. Released self-reflective Open Book album in 2019 and hosts Bobby Bones-produced Too Much To Say with Kalie Shorr podcast. And her edgy last single, “My Voice,” called out the music industry for trying to make her look and sound more commercial — and “sit on a few laps” to get ahead.