Kalie Shorr Breaks Down in Grief Striken ‘Escape’ Video

The devestating clip is dedicated to her late sister, Ashley.

Written by Chris Parton
Kalie Shorr Breaks Down in Grief Striken ‘Escape’ Video
Kalie Shorr; Photo credit: Catherine Powell

Kalie Shorr opens her own broken heart in the tearjerking video for “Escape,” a deeply personal clip inspired by the loss of her sister, Ashley, who passed away from a heroin overdose in 2019.

Filled with home movies of a young Shorr and her family, the emotional standout is defined by its raw vulnerability, with the singer-songwriter seated on an empty sound stage to contemplate the things we use to “escape.” As Shorr begins to break down and cry, she hopes to one day be reunited with Ashley, helping shine a light on the devastating effects of substance abuse.

“Everybody’s got a place where all their money goes / Everybody’s got a high that sweetens up the lows / Getting out of bed is hard if you don’t have a reason / Everybody needs an escape, and mine was leaving,” goes the sympathetic chorus.

“Escape” is featured on Shorr’s striking 2019 album, Open Book, which further explored the turmoil of her personal tragedy through tracks like “Too Much to Say” and more. The “Fight Like a Girl” singer is currently out on her Too Much To Say Tour, and will join the Song Suffragettes songwriting collective for their first ever UK Tour April 26 – 30.