Kameron Marlowe Announces ‘Sober as a Drunk’ As Debut Single

Coming to your favorite country station soon!

Written by Jeremy Chua
Kameron Marlowe Announces ‘Sober as a Drunk’ As Debut Single
Kameron Marlowe; Photo credit: Matthew Berinato

Country newcomer Kameron Marlowe has announced “Sober As A Drunk” as his debut single on country radio. The anthemic break-up tune is part of Marlowe’s self-titled EP, which dropped in November via Columbia Records/Sony Music Nashville. 

“Sober as a Drunk” narrates a man’s utter state of sorrow and denial coming off a romantic split. On the track, songwriters J.T. Harding, Justin Wilson and Marv Green also cleverly employ the use of simile and oxymoron to detail a gripping heartache.

“I’m as sober as a drunk, I’m as high as rock bottom / Free as a man with his hands handcuffed to the bar hoppin’ you walk in / My mind is clear as a cloud, I’m as happy as a teardrop / Rolling off my cheek into my drink whenever I think about you and somebody new in love,” Marlowe sings in the infectious, soaring chorus. 

The 23-year-old spoke with Sounds Like Nashville recently about all things “Sober as a Drunk,” including the accompanying lonesome, bar-bound music video. 

SLN: How did you chance upon “Sober as a Drunk”?
KM: I was in another publishing meeting after I got my record deal. We were just looking for some songs and they asked if they could play us some songs. I’ll never say no to go listen to some music. There are so many great writers in Nashville and I just love getting to hear new music. If something in there just jumps out at me, I’ll cut it. I really didn’t have any intention going in there to find a song I was gonna cut, I just wanted to hear what they had. And four [or] five songs in, “Sober as a Drunk” came on. It was [written] by a buddy of mine, Justin Wilson, [with] J.T. Harding and Marv Green. That song is probably my favorite song on the record. I love how it plays the opposite game. “If I’m sober as a drunk, I’m as high as rock bottom,” and it really shows the desperation of this guy who’s like “I’m really over you, but I’m nowhere near over you.”

What made you decide on it as your debut single?
KM: I think that one just feels the best. In my opinion, I love that song and I’m very excited about how it turned out. I love the tempo, and I love the words. That little triplet pattern that I do in the [chorus], that was such a cool part of the song for me.

What’s the concept of its music video?
KM: We just shot it at this super cool spot in East Nashville called The Fox Bar, which is also where we shot the EP cover. We really based the whole music video off the line [in the chorus], “Free as a man handcuffed to the bar hoping you’d walk in.” So basically, I’m just sitting at the bar the whole time while everything else in the room is happening, time is passing and I haven’t left the bar. I’m just sitting there, trying to get over and drink over her, but I can’t. It turned out great. Jeff Johnson, my videographer, is incredible. So I can’t wait for everybody to see it.

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