Karissa Ella is Haunted by an Ex on ‘Whiskey Whispers Your Name’

Sometimes, it's just too hard to get over an ex...

Written by Jeremy Chua
Karissa Ella is Haunted by an Ex on ‘Whiskey Whispers Your Name’
Karissa Ella; Photo Courtesy of 117 Entertainment Group

Country newcomer Karissa Ella puts her spin on the age-old country music drinking theme with “Whiskey Whispers Your Name.”

The song, which serves as her first new release of the year, opens with Ella contemplating on the effect of various adult beverages on her. “That beer in a bottle don’t faze me when it’s cold I just sip it real slow / But tequila in a shot glass, hits me real fast and then anything goes / White wine makes me feel classy, red wine makes me forget, Gin always gets me feeling dizzy,” she sings on the opening verse. But when it comes to whiskeys, it’s a whole different story. 

Emotionally battered and heartbroken, Ella taps into those feelings to showcase her powerful vocal range and soar on the aching chorus. 

“Whiskey whispers your name / Like a ghost in a cloud of smoke / Every time it’s the same / All those hating you feelings / Start disappearing when whiskey whispers your name,” she belts with unrestrained honesty, undecided on whether to let go or try again.

“I wrote “Whiskey Whispers Your Name” with Lydia Dall and Conner Sweet and it’s all about someone struggling to get over a relationship,” Ella tells Sounds Like Nashville, before teasing its forthcoming video.

“The music video helps illustrate that with every sip of whiskey, the memories of your ex start flooding back. For example, old pictures, his t-shirts, boots and so on start to appear and disappear throughout the video,” she explains. “We filmed the video at my house and had to completely rearrange it for the shoot. It was a long day of shooting full of lots of laughs and whiskey!”

Not only can fans expect a stunning accompanying visual soon, but the Ohio native also shared that more new music is on the way. “Whiskey Whispers Your Name” is the first of many songs to be released in 2022! I cannot wait to show fans what I’ve been working on,” Ella adds in excitement. 

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