Kasey Tyndall Talks Joan Jett and Women Who Influenced Her

Read more about Kasey in this Women's History Month special!

Written by Jeremy Chua
Kasey Tyndall Talks Joan Jett and Women Who Influenced Her
Kasey Tyndall; Photo Credit: Annelise Loughead

Hailing from Greensville, N.C., country newcomer Kasey Tyndall fell in love with music at a very young age. In sixth grade, she picked up the guitar, taught herself a few chords, and started melding storytelling with melody. This self-starter, go-getter attitude persisted through her adolescent years, with her sights set on being a country singer. Armed with a great zeal for the dream and a strong work ethic, she juggled three jobs while figuring out the path to Music City. 

At long last, her determination paid off in 2014when she won the WQDR “Sing with Keith Urban” radio station contest. With that, she took the stage alongside Urban and sang with him on “We Were Us,” a performance that was greeted with rousing applause from the crowd. With that dream-reaffirming opportunity, Tyndall moved to Nashville in 2015. She’s since opened for Kane Brown, Kelsea Ballerini, Joe Diffie, Jamey Johnson and other country superstars.

Citing Joan Jett as a cornerstone influence, and Tyndall’s new single “Jesus and Joan Jett,” which was co-written with Greylan James and Evan Coffman, proudly displays that. “A little misunderstood ’cause they don’t know / Washed in the water and cleansed in the whiskey / Might even like me once you get me / Head bangin’, cross hangin’ down from my neck I roll with / Jesus and rock with Joan Jett,” she confesses with unabashed swagger. Things also came full circle for Tyndall when she met and garnered support from Jett herself — an experience that, according to the newcomer, still feels “like a dream.”

In celebration of Women’s Appreciation Month, Tyndall spoke with Sounds Like Nashville to discuss her new song, female influences, and more. Additionally, the promising newcomer has put together a special playlist of 15 songs by 15 strong women that define her artistry. Check it all out below!

You’ve just released a brand-new song, Jesus and Joan Jett.”. What’s the story behind this rocking anthem?

I always ask myself two questions when faced with problems in life. Number one, and most importantly, “what would Jesus do”? Number two, is “what would Joan Jett do”? I add that up and I get my answer. That’s where this song came from. I needed a song that was me. 

We heard that you even had the chance to meet Joan Jett herself a few years ago! What was that experience like?

It was truly one of the coolest days of my life. Joan and her team were so welcoming. I got to hang with them backstage and eat dinner and watch the show from side stage. It felt like a dream. 

If you could share the stage with 3 other women in country music, who would they be?

 I’d love to share the stage with Miranda Lambert, Alison Krauss, and Reba!

In celebration of Women’s History Month, you’ve curated a special playlist of songs by female artists that influenced you. Would you talk about this list and what they mean to you?

All of these songs are songs that inspire me. There are many songs that I grew up on that have helped shape my sound and my songwriting, but also, there are many current songs by some of my best friends that inspire me to be a better person and a better artist every day! 

What else can fans expect from you this year?

I have new music coming out that I can’t wait for you to hear and new tour dates getting announced!

Stream “Jesus and Joan Jett” and Tyndall’s musical influences on her specially-curated playlist below.