Kassi Ashton Stuffs Her Hate Toward an Ex in ‘Taxidermy’

“I knew the second I heard ‘Taxidermy’ I had to have it. It’s the perfect second piece of me," Ashton said of the release.

Kassi Ashton Stuffs Her Hate Toward an Ex in ‘Taxidermy’
Kassi Ashton; Photo Courtesy of Universal Music Group Nashville

Don’t cross Kassi Ashton, because she’ll make you pay by adding to her collection in “Taxidermy.”

Scorned by infidelity of a former flame, Ashton doesn’t let the bad behavior slide as she plots to rip him to shreds and put him back together again in a stuffed fashion throughout the clever lyrics. Taking a more soulful approach to her backwoods-inspired beat, the rising star makes it clear that she can wreck anyone that gets in her way.

The sassy single may take listeners aback with how purely upfront Ashton gets with her fiery emotions, but “Taxidermy” found a place in her heart after connecting the inspiration with her own toughness growing up.

“I knew the second I heard ‘Taxidermy’ I had to have it,” Ashton said in a press release about the song. “It’s the perfect second piece of me. Dad used to always say he didn’t have to take a gun to the door when my date came—I had my own.”

Unafraid to speak her mind in a gruesomely detailed manner, Ashton lets the lyrics of, “Don’t gotta say a word, baby, I don’t mind / I’ll keep you dusted off, keep you looking alive / you’ll be my taxidermy, taxidermy / if you ever hurt me again,” speak for themselves.

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Carving out her own alternative path to come to the forefront of country music, Ashton utilizes her blunt lyricism and deep vocal runs as a way of setting herself from the crowd. Her previous release, “California, Missouri,” depicted the brutal yet real upbringing that the singer faced as a young girl, and she doesn’t plan on stopping her fire anytime soon.

“Taxidermy” is available everywhere at this time.