Kat & Alex Soar On Stirring New Song, ‘Most Nights’

Yet another hit-ready new release from the husband-wife duo!

Written by Jeremy Chua
Kat & Alex Soar On Stirring New Song, ‘Most Nights’
Kat & Alex; Cover art courtesy of Sony Music Nashville

Rising Country-Latin duo Kat & Alex are continuing their streak of hit-ready releases with their new song, “Most Nights.”

The powerful vocal stunner masterfully juxtaposes the lives of two previously single individuals in the verses before spotlighting the bliss they have after meeting each other—and getting together. 

While “Most Night” wasn’t penned by Kat & Alex, the real-life married couple do a remarkable job as pristine storytellers, displaying their soaring vocals and signature harmonies front and center.

“Our friends, Restless Road (Garrett Nichols, Zach Beeken, Colton Pack), wrote this song with Lindsay Rimes and John Pierce and played it for us soon after,” Kat Luna and Alex Georgia shares. “We knew [on] first listen that we had to record it, and are so thankful that those guys allowed us to do so. The message of finding ‘your person’ after searching for so long resonates strongly with us, and we really hope that it will mean something to others as well.”

The verses of the song reflect on singlehood- a time largely devoid of meaning, purpose, and love. “Most nights were more like me, myself, and red wine / So tired of the same lines in the wrong place, with the wrong guy / I was a little more lost and found,” sings Kat, as she recalls some lonesome memories. 

However, the song rides a lyrical twist in the chorus as the pair’s gorgeous harmonies paint a romantic picture of life since finding each other: “Most nights all I want Is you here gettin’ me gone / Makin’ it worth every single waitin’ on you night before / Thank God most nights ain’t most nights anymore.”

Prior to this, the Sony Music Nashville recording artists released the music videos for their songs “You and the Radio” and the gut-wrenching ballad, “Heartbreak Tour.” Both tracks follow their acclaimed debut single, “How Many Times,” which has amassed over 8.5 million Spotify streams to date and received support from SiriusXM The Highway’s new music discovery show, On The Horizon. 

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