Keith Urban and P!nk Drift Into Heartbreak in ‘One Too Many’ Video

Check out the gorgeous new official video!

Written by Chris Parton
Keith Urban and P!nk Drift Into Heartbreak in ‘One Too Many’ Video
Keith Urban and P!nk; Photo via YouTube

Keith Urban and pop songstress P!nk bring an over-served and under-loved duet to life in their new video, getting lost at sea for “One Too Many.”

Feeling like a drunk dial that could happen at any minute, the heartbroken country-pop anthem finds both stars playing a couple that have gone separate ways … but are finally ready to close the gap. That image is brought into focus by the gorgeous new video, with Urban adrift on a couch in the ocean and P!nk stuck back on shore, a visual metaphor for the distance between their hearts. With a steady rock beat and Pink’s high-flying vocal, the soulful duet becomes a bleary-eyed plea for a romantic restart.

“It’s what I call a reluctant surrender,” Urban tells Apple Music 1’s Zane Lowe. “You know. You’re at the end of the night, it’s been a long night. You’re at the bar. You swear to God you’re not going to answer that phone. You’re not going to make that call. Eventually, you’re like, ‘Come take me home. I’ve had one too many.’ I know that place really well.”

“I spent all my money drinking on my own, yeah / In this bar, just sat here staring at my phone / And I keep second guessing, where did I go wrong? / I know I’m proud, but I’ve had one too many, come take me home,” goes the track’s harmony-filled chorus.


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Urban and Pink gave “One Too Many” a live debut on the ACM Awards Wednesday night (September 16), which Urban hosted from Nashville in a first-ever virtual format. The track is part of Keith Urban’s out-today (September 18) album The Speed of Now Part 1, which features 16 adventurous tracks including additional duets with Eric Church, Nile Rodgers and Breland.