Keith Urban Premieres ‘Blue Ain’t Your Color’ Music Video

Urban plays the role as the suave bar singer to a lost and lonely woman in the black-and-white video.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Keith Urban Premieres ‘Blue Ain’t Your Color’ Music Video

Keith Urban suits up to serenade an empty bar in the new music video for his current radio single, “Blue Ain’t Your Color.”

Captured in black-and-white film, the video finds a woman who looks vacant as she sips upon another cool one on the rocks before getting up to put some jukebox tunes on. Lucky enough for her, Urban happens to be there, band and all, to create that waltz flavor enough for her to start dancing alone. Realizing she doesn’t need a partner to waltz her around, the actress two-steps to her own beat around the dance floor wasteland in the middle of the bar and yet still remains rather hollow in her emotions.

While Urban croons his way through the video looking quite dapper and suave in the middle of this deserted tavern, he seems to be calling out to the lady and trying to be the voice of reason to her in letting her know she’s going to be alright without anyone.

The song, “Blue Ain’t Your Color,” is featured on Urban’s latest record, Ripcord, and is the follow-up single to his other hits from the album like “John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16,” “Wasted Time” and “Break on Me.” Unlike the majority of Urban’s catalogue, this sultry track takes on a more bluesy personality than anything he’s ever done before.

“There’s a few songs on the record I didn’t write,” Urban explained in a behind-the-scenes video for the track. “I got sent a lot of songs and I got sent this one song called ‘Blue Ain’t Your Color,’ that I loved the title first of all. Obviously, the song just hit me. Lyrically, melodically, it was not like anything I’d cut before.”

Check out the new video for “Blue Ain’t Your Color” above.