Keith Urban Escapes Loneliness in ‘When God Whispered Your Name’

Check out his artful new video clip.

Written by Chris Parton
Keith Urban Escapes Loneliness in ‘When God Whispered Your Name’
Keith Urban; Photo credit: Mark Seliger

Keith Urban breaks out of an emotional prison in the official video for his new single, “When God Whispered Your Name,” overcoming the hopeless pain of being alone.

Beginning with the superstar wandering around an abandoned building, the stark clip first captures the utter desolation of loneliness, but ultimately ends with an uplifting “escape.” As Urban croons with dynamic poise about his disillusioned soul, the wreckage of his heart is paralleled by the equally-wrecked rooms he moves through. As the blues-pop track reaches its bridge, however, a crack in the walls around him — both figuratively and literally — starts to appear. Soon he’s free, emerging into a wide open desert as love returns.

“That dark and lonely place was underneath a warehouse in Nashville, literally the darkest, dank and smelly place,” Urban told Billboard of the artful clip. “For me, a good music video takes the song to another level. It maybe gives the song a bit more dimension and hopefully we’ve done that with this one.”

“When God Whispered Your Name” was directed by Jennifer Massaux and also features footage from Lancaster, California. Urban released the track in late February as the follow up to “We Were,” and the second single from an upcoming album project. He also teamed up with Thomas Rhett for the optimistic “Be a Light,” which was released earlier this week.