Kelleigh Bannen Taps Knockout Resilience for ‘Faith In You’ Video

Hard-hitting clip stars Heather “The Heat” Hardy.

Written by Chris Parton
Kelleigh Bannen Taps Knockout Resilience for ‘Faith In You’ Video
Kelleigh Bannen; Photo Credit: John Shearer

Podcasting country singer Kelleigh Bannen taps into the resiliency of a championship fighter with her new “Faith In You” video, showcasing the life of undefeated boxing champion Heather “The Heat” Hardy.

Putting a tough-as-nails face on Bannen’s unshakeable anthem, the clip brings fans inside the reality of the current World Boxing Organization’s Women’s Featherweight Champion. A single mother living in Brooklyn, New York, Hardy’s exhausting daily routine is all about hard work and getting back up when life knocks you down — a grind Bannen says is common to dreamers of all stripes.

“When you’re chasing a dream like being a musician, especially when you’ve been chasing it as long as I have, it is going to let you down,” she explains. “It can’t be the only thing you put your hope in. This song is about being honest about the places that have let you down, and about the people who help you make it through when you’re on the ground.”

While Bannen sings her edgy country rocker in front of a crisp black backdrop, the video follows Hardy as she trains for the violent extremes she endures inside the ring, returns home to care for her daughter and gets up to do it all over again. Along the way she deals with plenty of scrapes and bruises, but there’s always something — or someone — that keeps her inner fire burning.

“When you’re weary, worn out, or wanna give up, who’s there? Who are the people that keep you going?” Bannen asks. “The people I love, and who love me unconditionally are my solid rock and your sacred ground. The video highlights an amazing woman and mother, Heather, who has been a trailblazer in the sport of boxing and MMA, and has shown incredible leadership and perseverance. I love that the video really features her, her determination, and her love for her daughter.”

Built around an unrelenting beat, fuzed-out guitars and Bannen’s hard-hitting vocal, the singer co-wrote “Faith In You” with Todd Clark and Sean Van Vleet. Along with the strutting track, “Deluxe,” it will be featured on Bannen’s upcoming album, Favorite Colors, which is coming out October 11. Fans can also catch up with Bannen on her popular This Nashville Life podcast, which takes listeners inside the real world of a modern country artist.