Kelsea Ballerini and LANY Battle Love’s Hangover in ‘I Quit Drinking’ Video

Check out the chemistry in this clip!

Written by Chris Parton
Kelsea Ballerini and LANY Battle Love’s Hangover in ‘I Quit Drinking’ Video
Kelsea Ballerini; Photo via YouTube/Blythe Thomas

Country star Kelsea Ballerini teams up with pop band LANY for the new track “I Quit Drinking,” capturing what it feels like to sober up after being drunk in love. And in the song’s official music video, the romantic hangover is brutal.

Full of conflicted emotion and comparing the buzz of a volatile relationship to a strong drink, understated pop anthem finds Ballerini and LANY’s Paul Klein mixing up an intriguing harmony cocktail. And likewise, the video finds both singers caught in a rainstorm — both literally and figuratively — as they wrestle with a love that was once too good to put down.

Full of romantic tension and with their chemistry caught on camera, Ballerini and Klein sing face to face but feel miles apart, even as their connection keeps them from “quitting” each other completely.

“You’re the reason there’s no whiskey anywhere inside this house / You’re the reason all my friends know I don’t go downtown / You’re the reason I hate champagne, never used to turn it down / You’re the only thing I want when one drop hits my mouth / Baby, you’re the reason / I quit drinking,” goes the chorus.

Kelsea Ballerini shared a behind the scenes look at the video shoot, noting how cold the artificial rainstorm was. And it wasn’t the only time she and Klein got together. The vocal duo stunned the 2021 CMT Music Awards on June 9, performing the new track for a live audience and countless more watching at home.

Her current country radio single, “Half of My Hometown” (featuring Kenny Chesney) is out now, and Ballerini will appear on the Jonas Brothers Remember This Tour. She just performed her first full band, full audience show since the pandemic began, taking the stage at the Grand Ole Opry.