Kelsea Ballerini Laughs at Romantic Clichés in ‘I Hate Love Songs’ Video

Kelsea Ballerini jokes about bridesmaid bouquet tosses and failed proposals in the video for her song, 'I Hate Love Songs.'

Kelsea Ballerini Laughs at Romantic Clichés in ‘I Hate Love Songs’ Video
Kelsea Ballerini; Photo Courtesy of YouTube

Puppy love and romantic gestures are so cute, aren’t they? Not in the eyes of Kelsea Ballerini, who pokes fun at the crazy thing people do for love in the music video for “I Hate Love Songs.”

Posed oh-so-perfectly in a hot pink gown, Ballerini finds herself trapped in a one-take scene for most of the video and the singer tries to escape all of the stereotypical steps that deal with relationships. From dodging the bouquet toss surrounded by vicious bridesmaids in baby blue to messing up a diner proposal, the singer just does her best to avoid the situations she dislikes in the realm of romance.

Director Tracie Goudie made sure to capture the message behind Ballerini’s latest single, in which the star seemed quite hilariously satisfied with the video treatment that brought every word of the track into fruition.

“I really wanted to do something kinda funny. I feel like we’ve done a lot of the, like, story videos and the super glam videos, but what I loved about the treatment was it took lines from the song and just kinda made it real life,” Ballerini explained in a behind-the-scenes look with iHeartRadio.

Even her husband, Morgan Evans, makes a brief cameo to show Ballerini’s true heart as she receives a phone call from him during the last scene of the shoot.

Ballerini is on the road with Keith Urban later this summer for the Graffiti U Tour. Tickets and information can be found through her official website.