Kenny Chesney Serves Up Magnetic New Single ‘Tip of My Tongue’

"It's a long way down ..."

Written by Chris Parton
Kenny Chesney Serves Up Magnetic New Single ‘Tip of My Tongue’
Kenny Chesney; Photo Credit: Danny Clinch

Superstar Kenny Chesney has served up a brand new single, unveiling the magnetic romantic pulse of “Tip of My Tongue.”

Co-written by Chesney with Ross Copperman and pop superstar Ed Sheeran, it features an atmospheric groove, tastefully modern production and intimate lyrics filled with breathless desire. But it’s a kind of passion that’s not rushed. Instead, the first single from Chesney’s upcoming album release is steady and sure-handed in its relentless drive toward true love.

“It’s a long way down to where I wanna go / It’s a long way down to the center of your soul / It’s a long way down and I’m a loaded gun / But I love your salt and sugar on the tip of my tongue,” goes the chorus.

“With all the great songs that have been written in this town, I think you always want to do something a little different,” Chesney said about the song when it was announced. “I think there’s this moment when you look at someone and you know they contain everything. You want to know everything, consume everything about them. It’s why we say ‘It’s a long way down,’ because you want to know it all. And the best part: We got a melody that feels like what’s going on lyrically. The music matches the words, and you can just drift in it.”

In other news, a limited edition coffee table book tracing Chesney’s rise has just become available. Titled Kenny Chesney: Living In Fast Forward, the art museum quality book features more than 500 pictures spanning Chesney’s entire career taken by photographers Allister Ann, Jill Trunnell and Glen Rose — but there’s a catch. Only 3,500 copies are available, with more information at