Kenny Chesney Tributes the Difference Makers in ‘Knowing You’

His new single will get you thinking.

Written by Chris Parton
Kenny Chesney Tributes the Difference Makers in ‘Knowing You’
Kenny Chesney; Photo Credit: Allister Ann

Kenny Chesney tributes the people who make a difference in his new single, “Knowing You,” a reflective ballad with a thankful message.

All about losing a special someone, but focusing on the good they left behind, the deep-thinking track becomes Chesney’s new radio single today (February 22) — and it carries some personal weight. The country icon recently said goodbye to one of those people with a heartfelt Instagram post in mid-February, capturing the same hard-to-describe and harder-to-forget impact the song is about.

“We all have those people in our lives,” Chesney explains in an official statement about the song, “who set you on fire with possibilities, make everything mean more in the moment and forever after that. It’s so technicolor and alive, you may not even realize when you’re in it. But when it’s done, you have to smile because you’re so much more for knowing them, so much more because of every second you shared.”

Slow and reflective, with plenty of space to think about how that applies in your own life, also Chesney says the song’s writers intentionally left this track open for interpretation — and he’ll soon bring one of those interpretations to life with a new music video.

“Maybe they left you to chase a dream, maybe circumstances pulled you apart, maybe they died, but wherever they are, you know they’re bringing all that to that place – because that’s what they do,” he says. “It’s what they did for you, and you can only be grateful for what you experienced.

“It’s not that it’s gone,” Chesney goes on, “it’s that it happened.”

“Knowing You” was written by Brett James, Adam James and Kat Higgins, and marks the third single from Chesney’s 2020 Here & Now album. Kenny Chesney previously released the singles “Happy Does” and “Here and Now,” and the country superstar now has 31 Billboard Number Ones to his credit.