Lady Antebellum Hopes to Have New Music in Early 2019

“We'll be in the studio definitely by the top of the year," said Dave Haywood.

Written by Lauren Laffer
Lady Antebellum Hopes to Have New Music in Early 2019
Lady Antebellum; Photo courtesy of Capitol Records Nashville

When Lady Antebellum announced they’d be leaving their longtime label home, Capitol Nashville, for a new venture at Big Machine, fans were left questioning… what about the music? Fans should’ve fret, however, as the band is working hard on the new chapter of their musical journey, with new tunes expected at the top of the year.

During a recent press conference to announced their Las Vegas residency, the band spoke about their plans for new music and what fans should expect.

“We honestly have a pile close to 50, 55 songs that we’ve written right now that we’re starting to look at. You know, we signed a Big Machine and so there’s kind of a new energy that we have going into the studio with a new record label as well,” the band’s Dave Haywood shared.


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“But, we’re gonna continue to write,” he continued. “We’ll be in the studio definitely by the top of the year. We’re trying to find the way the timeline will work out once we get the music in place. There’s definitely some really honest songs in this batch already. We’ve been walking through some really kind of deep connecting things as a band, too. So, it’s fun to really put that on paper and in music as well.”

Speaking to the new depth behind their music, Charles Kelley revealed plans to push the envelope and expand on their already storied careers.

“There’s some layers that we’re pulling back for sure,” he said. “That’s the one thing I love. Sitting there talking to Scott [Borchetta] and Jimmy Harnen. They really wanna, the songs that they’re gravitating towards too are the ones that are a little meatier and almost even some would say even riskier to choose which is refreshing to us ’cause I do think sometimes there is this tendency to play it safe and so far it’s crazy to see how they’re so passionate about the exact same songs that we’re the most passionate about. They really want us to push ourselves and to really try to make a statement and be bold.”


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Another aspect to the upcoming album is the trio hopes to feature a collaboration of some sort, marking the first time the band has featured another artist on one of their projects.

“There’s one in particular that we wanna bring some of our older influence stuff, artists stuff to be a part of it, and hopefully they’ll say yes. Yeah. It’s odd. We’ve never done one on a record and I don’t know why,” shrugged Kelley.

While the details are still up in the air, fans can expect new music from the trio in early 2019. The band will also call Sin City home when their Our Kind of Vegas residency begins in February.