Lady Antebellum: Songs That Should’ve Been Singles

We're taking a look at Grammy-award winning trio Lady Antebellum's back catalogue to see what songs we wish would've been singles.

Written by Annie Reuter
Lady Antebellum: Songs That Should’ve Been Singles
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The process of choosing a single for radio is often as arduous a task as writing the song. Each month, Sounds Like Nashville will feature a different artist and explore songs from his or her catalogue that we wish made it to radio. Make no mistake, this is no critique of the artist or label, it’s simply a list of songs we love so much that we think deserve to be in the spotlight. This month, we take a closer listen to Lady Antebellum’s back catalogue and find eight gems that warrant airplay.

“All We’d Ever Need” – from Lady Antebellum

Lady Antebellum introduced themselves in 2008 with their self-titled debut. A hint of what was to come from the Grammy Award-winning group, songs like “All We’d Ever Need” showcased the trio’s powerful harmonies. A song of nostalgia, Hillary Scott and Charles Kelley alternate lead vocals while each tells their side of the story as they portray a couple thinking of all the ways they could have held onto their love. Alongside soaring string features and mesmerizing pedal steel, Lady Antebellum get the emotion across on this powerful song of lost love.

“Love’s Lookin’ Good On You” – from Lady Antebellum

This song reveals Lady Antebellum’s fun side. While the trio thrive on ballads of love and heartbreak, this upbeat number demonstrates their ability to effortlessly switch gears with grooving guitars and a beat that begs to be danced to. On “Love’s Lookin’ Good On You,” the band’s harmonies remain but their soulfulness is also highlighted.

“Love This Pain” – from Need You Now

On “Love This Pain,” a man finds himself dealing with an on-again off-again relationship. While he is well aware that the girl in question is not good for him, he just can’t seem to walk away. “It’s like I’m just not me if I can’t be a sad, sad song,” Lady Antebellum sing. With a driving beat and riff heavy guitar parts, “Love This Pain” is a welcomed departure from Lady Antebellum’s standard ballads. It is also a compelling story song that captures the listener’s attention throughout the entire three minutes.

“When You Got a Good Thing” – from Need You Now

Inspired by a photo of Kelley’s wife taken on their wedding day, “When You Got a Good Thing” tells the story of a couple finally finding one another and being certain that their love will last a lifetime. “There’s gonna be some ups and downs but with you to wrap my arms around I’m fine,” Scott sings. It’s a sweet love song which surely has become the first dance at many country fans’ weddings since its release in 2010.

“Better Off Now (That You’re Gone)” – from Golden

The perfect kiss-off to an ex, “Better Off Now (That You’re Gone)” from the trio’s Golden album has the band moving on from a relationship that kept giving them sleepless nights. More fast paced than previous singles, the song showcases the band’s rocking side with piano accompaniment, riff-heavy sections and a fun harmonica interlude that would work perfect in the live setting and on radio.

“Lie With Me” – from 747

“Lie With Me” is a standout track that highlights the difficult emotions that come with the end of a relationship. A song that has a man begging for one last night with his love, “Lie With Me” is an expressive goodbye. Written by Marc Beeson and Abe Stoklasa, the song has the main character realizing the end is near even though he’s not ready for the final farewell. “Go put your favorite Motown record on / do what we need to feel it all night long / make me believe you ain’t already gone / let’s make our last time our best time,” Lady A sing.

“She Is” – from 747

Written by Ben Rector and Jeff Pardo, “She Is” is a charming love song where Kelley and Scott’s vocals shine while the track vividly describes all the positive attributes of one’s love. “She hails from Boston / she hates the sound that goodbyes make / she loves Sundays and champagne,” Kelley sings at the song’s start.

The song further details the complexity of this woman: “she is whatever she wants to be / she is a little bit of everything mixed up, so tough in a beautiful way.” As a result, he wants everything she is and we can’t blame him.

“Stars Tonight” – from Need You Now

An ode to the live show, “Stars Tonight” is a fun, upbeat, song that captures the excitement of a band playing a concert and the fans in the audience who come out night after night. “It’s the lights, it’s the high, it’s the roar of a crowd on a Friday night,” Scott sings. With memorable guitar parts and a sing-along chorus, “Stars Tonight” is Lady Antebellum at their finest.

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