Lainey Wilson Channels Dolly Parton in Sassy ‘WWDD’

What would Dolly do?

Written by Chris Parton
Lainey Wilson Channels Dolly Parton in Sassy ‘WWDD’
Lainey Wilson; Photo Credit: CeCe Dawson

Clever country newcomer Lainey Wilson channels the great Dolly Parton for her fun loving new track, “WWDD,” leaving life’s troubles in a cloud of hair spray.

Co-written by the witty Louisiana native with Casey Beathard and Michael Heeney, the upbeat anthem features grungy guitars and plenty of bleach-bottle attitude, and it finds Wilson determined to take the proverbial high (hair) road. Knowing there’s much more to her idol that that famously over-the-top exterior, she works through tough times and broken heels by simply asking herself, “What would Dolly do?”

“If we all did it a little more like Dolly, we’d be lookin’ at a world with a little less rain and a lot more rainbows,” Wilson tells Sounds Like Nashville. “She’s an icon around the world for a reason — from her music, to the way she gives, to her business sense, to the way she looks, to her light-hearted witty sense of humor — no one does it quite like Dolly does.”

“W, W, double D, that’s the bottom line for me / My go-to compass and my golden rule / When life rings my Southern belle, I just gotta ask myself / Hell, what would Dolly do?” goes the winking chorus.

“WWDD” is one of several tracks Wilson plans to release in the coming months — a series of “bell bottom country” follow ups to her 2019 EP, Redneck Hollywood.