Quarantine Q&A: Stay Entertained Lainey Wilson’s Stay-Home Favorites

The rising starlet shares some of her favorite shows, music and books for fans!

Written by Drew Pearce
Quarantine Q&A: Stay Entertained Lainey Wilson’s Stay-Home Favorites
Lainey Wilson; Cover art courtesy of Broken Bow Records

With coronavirus keeping everyone on lockdown, country stars are finding ways to stay entertained during quarantine. Thankfully, rising artists like Lainey Wilson have found hobbies that do not involve scrolling through social media ten times per day.

Sounds Like Nashville caught up with the “WWDD” singer as she shared about how she is staying occupied by binging shows, discovering new music and reading books. Check out her quarantine favorites below.

TV Shows I’m Binging: I’m watching That 70s Show for the third time. I am obsessed with the wardrobe and hairdos in that show… maybe that’s because I feel a little like I was born in the wrong decade. You can find me watching Family Feud every evening too. I pride myself on how good I am at that show. In all seriousness, it is a real dream of mine to be on the show.

Music I’m Listening To: I am digging into some music that I can’t get enough of, and some of the artists happen to be dear friends of mine. Jessi Alexander is a cowriter and friend of mine who is one talented cookie. She is one of the best songwriters in Nashville and is now doing the artist thing and killing it. Hailey Whitters is unreal too. Her record The Dream will never get old. I will still turn on that record fifty years from now. It’s timeless and takes me back.

Books Im Reading: I downloaded the audio book for This Is Me, written by one of my best friends, Chrissy Metz. Her story is unbelievable and everybody needs to hear it. Put those headphones in and listen to Chrissy tell her story in her own voice.