Laura Bell Bundy Gives ‘Downtown’ The Bluegrass Treatment

We have the exclusive premiere of Laura Bell Bundy's bluegrass version of the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis hit, "Downtown." Watch the hilarious clip here!

Written by Lauren Jo Black
Laura Bell Bundy Gives ‘Downtown’ The Bluegrass Treatment

Here’s something we thought we’d never see: “Downtown,” the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis hit, has been given the bluegrass treatment by the one and only Laura Bell Bundy.

The Tony-nominated Broadway star has created her own version of the “Downtown” song and music video for her new web-show, Skits-o-Frenicand Sounds Like Nashville has the exclusive premiere of the clip!

“It’s the most absurd and amazing song to come out in 2015,” Bundy tells us of “Downtown.” “It posed an intriguing challenge to me. I thought, ‘How in the hell would I cover this country bluegrass?’ My first thought was ‘We gotta rap like Jerry Reed!’ — or Charlie Daniels or Dolly Parton. That alone was enticing enough.”

Once she got the idea for the song down, it was time to tackle the music video. The video she came up with is just as outlandish as you’d expect it to be.

“The concept is very similar to Macklemore’s concept but the small town, country version,” she explains. “However, there are a few exceptions… we made it so the Moped salesman rips me off and sells me a razor scooter. When I discover I’ve been ripped off, war between us begins. We end up being friends in the end and of course our dance breaks consist of clogging and square dancing as opposed to hip hop.”

If you’ve seen Macklemore’s video, you know how outlandish it is. So how did Bundy up the ante?

“We just made it more ridiculous and redneck. We are literally running through a field with cows. There was actually a bull in that field. It almost charged Bill who was dressed head to toe in bright red.”

Check out “Downtown” by LBB & The Fancies below. Be sure to subscribe to Skits-o-Frenic for more from Bundy.