Lauren Alaina Has Given Jon Pardi Boyfriend-Veto Power

The friendship behind "Gettin Over Him" goes pretty deep!

Written by Chris Parton
Lauren Alaina Has Given Jon Pardi Boyfriend-Veto Power
Jon Pardi and Lauren Alaina; Photo credit: Katie Kauss

Lauren Alaina and Jon Pardi’s friendship shines in the hard-hitting new collab, “Getting Over Him.” That probably because the connection is a real one, not just a made-for-marketing act. But most fans don’t know how deep it really goes.

Speaking on a recent episode of Coop’s Rockin’ Country Saturday Nights on Audacy about their duet, the country stars revealed that they’ve been actual friends for years, and trust each other a lot. Pardi even has a sort of “veto” power over who Alaina dates, she revealed, and that’s the kind of trust that has to be earned.

The story goes like this: Back when Pardi was shooting the Nashville-focused video for his Gold-certified 2018 hit, “Night Shift,” he had a run-in with a rowdy local on a scooter. Thinking he was clever, the man kept riding into shots and making rude gestures to the camera, and although Pardi didn’t sweat it, he was shocked later on. Alaina introduced him to her new boyfriend, and to Pardi’s surprise, it was scooter guy!

“I introduced him to my boyfriend at the time, and in front of my boyfriend, Jon says, ‘I don’t like that guy, he’s not good enough for you,'” Alaina said.

Pardi explained that he wasn’t trying to judge the guy, but couldn’t let his friend get into something she’d regret. “It was just that he was with Lauren. I was like, ‘How does this happen?'” Pardi said.

“This guy lied and said he didn’t do it,” Alaina added with a laugh. “Looking back, I think he may have done it! Turns out I didn’t end up with that guy, and Jon Pardi now gets to vet all the boyfriends.”

“Getting Over Him” by Lauren Alaina (featuring Jon Pardi) is out now, so you can check out another side of their BFF status for yourself.