Lauren Alaina Reveals New Track ‘Run’ and ‘Getting Over Him’ EP

Her next studio set will arrive September 4.

Written by Chris Parton
Lauren Alaina Reveals New Track ‘Run’ and ‘Getting Over Him’ EP
Lauren Alaina; Photo credit: Katie Kauss

Lauren Alaina is moving forward on multiple levels with her new EP, Getting Over Him, sharing the project’s release date and its first track.

Set for September 4 and featuring six new tracks (including two duets), the EP finds Alaina picking up the pieces of a publicly broken heart — and stepping into a healthier version of herself. Explaining her new music “shows my personal growth and my emotional growth,” the songs were inspired by tough times and personal turmoil, but seek to inspire. “This EP of songs is all about loving myself through other people not loving me and not staying with me,” the rising talent and Dancing With the Stars alum explains.

As a case in point, “Run” was co-written by Alaina, Ben Johnson and Kennedi, featuring a propulsive country sound and lyrics recognizing the “race” we all seem to enter every day.

“I wrote ‘Run’ with Ben Johnson and Kennedi,” she explains. “We are all running. Constantly. Non-Stop. Even in this quarantine we are all still the busiest we’ve ever been. Life just keeps going and going and going in unbelievable paces as we try to race ourselves to the next thing. My idea with the song was to refer to examples of all things that run because no matter what your walk of life is, we are all racing to the next thing. We are all trying to get where we are going. We all get our hearts broken. We all have these childhood dreams. We ‘run’ to make it all happen.”

The rest of the project features some big-name collaborations with Jon Pardi and pop artist Lukas Graham, and follows Alaina’s current radio single, “Getting Good.” And according to her, it finds her in “good” place for the first time in a while.

“It’s about me being able to get back to that same confident girl I wrote about on Road Less Traveled and to hold on to that confidence,” she says. “I get to celebrate that with this music, and I am so excited. I can’t wait for the fans to hear it.”

Lauren Alaina’s Getting Over Him EP Track List:

  1. Run
  2. If I Was A Beer
  3. Bar Back
  4. Getting Over Him (duet with Jon Pardi)
  5. See You In Your Hometown
  6. What Do You Think Of? (duet with Lukas Graham)