Lee Brice Back Number One With ‘Memory I Don’t Mess With’

His new single follows the three-week Number One, "One of Them Girls."

Written by Chris Parton
Lee Brice Back Number One With ‘Memory I Don’t Mess With’
Lee Brice; Cover art courtesy of True Public Relations

Coming off of a career-best chart topper, Lee Brice is back and all about moving forward with his new single, “Memory I Don’t Mess With.”

Written by Brice with Brian Davis and Billy Montana as part of his upcoming album, Hey World, the track takes an upbeat approach to a low-down theme of leaving the past behind us. Brice backs his sweet-heat vocal with a classic Memphis R&B vibe as he fights the temptation of long-lost love, refusing to even think about the girl who got away, since he know’s he’ll fall hard and fast. It’s a simple and satisfying track with a clear, catchy lyrical hook, and may just end up becoming another radio hit for the resurgent star.

“It’s about exactly what it says,” Brice notes. “It’s one of those memories, it’s one of those things that you can’t let yourself get too close to because it just pulls you in too deep,” says Brice. “The memory’s always there. The pictures are always there in your head. But that’s the one you’ve gotta let alone, and let just be a memory.” 

“That’s a memory I don’t mess with / The girl I was the best with / The one I was obsessed with / Girl, you just don’t get it / I’d fall right back with one slip / Always leaves me helpless / Don’t hate me, I can’t help it / Gotta leave us where we left it / You’re a memory I don’t mess with,” goes the swaying chorus.

The new single is out now and follows some stunning success for Lee Brice, who’s previous release, “One of Them Girls,” has become the first single of his career to top Billboard’s Country Airplay Chart for three consecutive weeks. His next album, Hey World, comes out November 20.