Levi Hummon Pens His Heart’s Desires In Stunning New Ballad, ‘A Home’

Impeccable writing from Levi Hummon on this one!

Written by Jeremy Chua
Levi Hummon Pens His Heart’s Desires In Stunning New Ballad, ‘A Home’
Levi Hummon; Photo credit: CeCe Dawson

Oftentimes, some people view “A Home” as a physical space we live in, while others associate life, love and meaning to it. Country singer Levi Hummon is the latter. This sentiment is on full display on his brand new single, “A Home.” The emotional ballad was penned solely by Hummon, and fleshes out the truest desires of his heart—one that is ready to turn the physicality of a house into a warm, love-filled home. 

“I want the kiss that makes me cry / I want you here by my side / To lay down some roots and watch them grow / Let’s turn this house into a home,” the Nashville, Tennessee native sings passionately in the tender, romantic chorus.

“This song is about more than turning a house into a home, it’s about realizing that maybe there’s a reason for all the craziness in the world,” Hummon reveals. “Maybe 2020 was meant for us to take a minute to slow down and rejoice in the little extra time we get with the people we love.”

In conjunction with this new release, Hummon shared with Sounds Like Nashville about the genesis of writing his beautiful autobiographical single, having a cut on Tim McGraw’s 2020 album, Here On Earth, and more via an exclusive Q&A. Check it out below!

SLN: If you could encapsulate what 2020 was like for you, how would you describe it?
Levi Hummon: I would describe it as slow, but slow in a good way. I never knew I needed the world to slow down around me, and so I actually found a lot of healing in the calm of 2020. I also was able to focus on writing music and creating, I think I wrote more songs in 2020 than any year ever. One thing that really stuck out creatively was I began to write by myself again, which is a really honest [and] vulnerable place to go. 

Over the years, you’ve really focused on connecting with fans through live shows city after city. But, the pandemic has put a halt on that for everyone. So, how have you been navigating through this? 
Social media for sure, but also focusing on myself for the first time he kept me sane. I found love, renovated my house, I spent a lot more time outdoors and spent WAY too much time with my family. 

In true COVID fashion, you wrote your new single, “A Home,” all by yourself! Talk about the inspiration behind this heartfelt ballad. 
When you hear the lyrics it speaks for itself, but I literally wrote it while renovating my house with my girlfriend in 2020. I remember I was doing some random thing on the floor and I looked up and saw her painting the trim on the ladder. It was that moment the whole song came to me. The truth is every day that went by I grew closer to her and the house became a symbol for us falling in love. A house is just a house, a house with your person and a dream is a home.

In the lyrics of “A Home,” you also referenced having Tim McGraw cut a song you co-wrote for him. What was it like hearing “Not From California” on his Here On Earth album last year?
That’s definitely something that speaks to me writing this song by myself. I just pretty much sat out loud how I feel in that second verse of “A Home.” Hearing “Not From California” for the first time was a dream come true. Tim McGraw is one of my idols and I’m just so blessed to be on that amazing record. I’m a songwriter first and foremost so having that affirmation of one of country’s most legendary stars believing in a song you wrote means the world.   

“A Home” serves as the first taste of Hummon’s forthcoming EP. Due out later in Spring, the rising country star adds enthusiastically that the new collection features “some of [his] favorite songs yet!” Later this month, Hummon will also unveil a special acoustic performance video of “A Home.”

While you wait for more music from Hummon, listen to “A Home” and other new country releases on our New Nashville playlist.