Lindsay Ell Finds Her Power in ‘wAnt me back’ Video

Imagine a world where she's part of a duo called 'Eddie and Ell' ...

Written by Chris Parton
Lindsay Ell Finds Her Power in ‘wAnt me back’ Video
Lindsay Ell; Photo credit: Jeremy Cowart

Lindsay Ell finds the strength to become her own woman in the video for “wAnt me back,” imagining an alternate musical universe.

In the video, Ell is part of a fictional duo called Eddie and Ell — which is a play off the classic pop duo Sonny and Cher. Early on she’s shy and plays second fiddle to her male counterpart, but soon discovers a drive to become something more. All about self-worth and self-confidence, the glamorous clip sends a powerful message … especially to young girls.

“Am so proud of the music video for #wAntmeback,” Ell wrote on Instagram. “We wanted this to tell a story. A story of stepping into your own power and not forgetting to see your own light. As the story of Sonny & Cher…’ll see the story of Eddie & Ell. We worked really hard on this one.”

Linsday Ell co-wrote “wAnt me back” with Kane Brown, Matt McGinn and Lindsay Rimes, and it appears on her second album, heart theory. She recently opened up about being a survivor of sexual abuse, and ever since has been working to empower fans to love themselves, and overcome their own obstacles.