Here’s a First Listen of LJ’s Dreamer’s Anthem, ‘Scarecrow’

Be one of the first to hear this bittersweet ode to leaving home.

Written by Chris Parton
Here’s a First Listen of  LJ’s Dreamer’s Anthem, ‘Scarecrow’
LJ: Photo credit: Andrew Morton

Rising singer-songwriter LJ offers up a bittersweet anthem to leaving home in the new track, “Scarecrow,” giving country fans an early listen on Sounds Like Nashville today.

Capturing both the quiet beauty of the American plains and the impulse to escape they often inspire, the delicate track feels like a Dear John letter to LJ’s home in Texas. Rootsy and bright, with breezy guitars, rolling drums and sunset vocals, her voice flutters and almost seems to hesitate at last minute as she explains why she just couldn’t stay.

“I couldn’t just stick around, tethered to the ground / Watchin’ the sun go down, without one to chase and / I’ve got my own seeds to sow, the only way they’re gonna grow is to / Throw them in the wind and see where it takes them / That’s why I had to go couldn’t sit and watch the corn turn gold / Like some old scarecrow,” goes the chorus.

“’Scarecrow’ gives hope that things can change and won’t stay the same if we take the leap of faith and go after our dreams,” LJ says. “This song is for all the dreamers out there.”

A dreamer herself, LJ grew up near Houston but felt called to Music City. She’s now a songwriter working with RED Creative Group, and has collaborated with producers like Jeremy Stover and Paul DiGiovanni and top songwriters like Sarah Buxton and the Warren Brothers. “Scarecrow” comes out officially tomorrow (July 12).