Little Big Town Contemplate a Woman’s Place in Somber ‘The Daughters’

The fan-favorite group goes bold for a powerful message.

Written by Chris Parton
Little Big Town Contemplate a Woman’s Place in Somber ‘The Daughters’
Little Big Town; Photo courtesy of Sandbox Management

Country foursome Little Big Town offer a quiet moment of contemplation with the new single, “The Daughters,” exploring the often-unfair expectations put on women and girls.

Written by Karen Fairchild, Sean McConnell, and Ashley Ray, the spartan track is built on ethereal sweeps of steel guitar and finger-plucked acoustic guitar, with Fairchild leading a somber vocal blend. Marking the first first taste of the band’s ninth album, its message is a powerful rebuttal of old-fashioned gender norms – ones that ask women to look pretty but stay silent, and care for their families while letting “the better man win.”

“Pose like a trophy on a shelf / Dream for everyone but not yourself / I’ve heard of God the Son and God the Father / I’m still looking for a God for the daughters,” goes the understated chorus.

A dreamlike video was filmed for the track in an empty school gymnasium built in 1948 in Portland, Tennessee, directed by Dano Cerny and featuring interpretative dance choreography from Andrew Winghart. And there’s a bit of mystery to the release as well, since a press release notes “’The Daughters’ officially begins the story and genesis of Nightfall…,” without explaining what “Nightfall” is.

Perhaps fans will find out when the group performs on the 54th ACM Awards this Sunday evening (April 7th), airing live on CBS at 8 p.m. ET. Little Big Town is up for Group of the Year at the show, and in other news, the group is featured on an uptempo new dance track by Thomas Rhett, “Don’t Threaten Me With a Good Time.”