Maddie & Tae Introduce New Soul-Mates Anthem, ‘Strangers’

The emotional standout is featured on their upcoming eight-track album.

Written by Chris Parton
Maddie & Tae Introduce New Soul-Mates Anthem, ‘Strangers’
Maddie & Tae; Photo credit: Nolan Feldpausch

Country duo Maddie & Tae unveil a gorgeous, true-love tribute with the new track “Strangers,” introducing fans to a new tune with tons of heart.

Part of their upcoming Through The Madness Vol. 1, the track was written by the duo with fellow artist/songwriter Adam Hambrick and Jimmy Robbins, capturing the essence of finding your soul mate.

Featuring an sophisticated country-pop sound with lush harmony and epic swells of emotion, “Strangers” feels almost like a sonic sigh of relief, as two hearts fall into an easy kind of love. With the duo blending their warm voices for an uplifting chorus, they sing about a romance that seems to energize every fiber of their being — and takes you over so completely, that it feels like it has always been.

“How were we ever strangers? / Seems crazy to me now / Haven’t I known you forever? / ‘Cause the thought of the days without / You and all your love / Have all but disappeared / I’ll never be convinced, baby, that you weren’t always here / How were we ever strangers?” goes the chorus.

Featuring “Strangers” plus seven more tracks like the fun-loving recent single “Woman You Got,” Maddie & Tae’s Through The Madness Vol. 1 arrives on January 28, with pre-orders and pre-saves available now.

Just after Christmas, the duo announced they would postpone their headlining CMT Next Women of Country: All Song No Static tour, as pregnant duo member Taylor Kerr was placed on bedrest by a doctor. No other details were given at the time, but the stars reassured fans that both mother and baby were healthy.

Through The Madness Vol. 1 Track List:

1.  What It’s Like Loving You (Maddie Font, Taylor Kerr, Josh Kerr, Jordan Minton)
2.  Woman You Got (Maddie Font, Taylor Kerr, Mark Holman, Laura Veltz)
3.  Don’t Make Her Look Dumb (Feat. Morgane Stapleton) (Maddie Font, Taylor Kerr, Barry Dean, Luke Laird)
4.  Grown Man Cry (Maddie Font, Taylor Kerr, Eric Arjes, Jordan Minton)
5.  Madness (Maddie Font, Taylor Kerr, Jessie Jo Dillon, Zach Kale)
6.  The Other Side (Feat. Lori McKenna) (Maddie Font, Taylor Kerr, Josh Kerr, Lori McKenna)
7.  Wish You The Best (Maddie Font, Taylor Kerr, Matt Dragstrem, Josh Thompson)*
8.  Strangers (Maddie Font, Taylor Kerr, Adam Hambrick, Jimmy Robbins)

Produced by Jimmy Robbins & Derek Wells
* Produced by Josh Kerr & Derek Wells