Madison Kozak Howls at the Moon in ‘Phases’ Video

Who can relate to this star-crossed anthem?

Written by Chris Parton
Madison Kozak Howls at the Moon in ‘Phases’ Video
Madison Kozak; Photo credit: Alyssa Gafkjen

Country newcomer Madison Kozak laments a love that seems to come and goes like a changing moon in her track, “Phases,” and a new video captures it in “full” force.

Directed by Justin Clough and filmed at Nashville’s East Ivy Mansion, the cinematic clip features dark, mysterious scenes and a shape-shifting, ever present moon — plus a bit of a Romeo and Juliet feel. But these star-crossed lovers are only represented by the shadows they cast on the wall, with Kozak tenderly wondering if their story is a tragedy in the making, or not. The emotionally-fraught midtempo was co-written by the singer with Casey Brown and Parker Welling.

“I only get you in phases / You’re somewhere out there in space and / You show up just to start fadin’ / In and out, you hang around, disappear then come back / I wanna love all of you baby / But I only get you in phases,” goes the fed up, but still hopeful chorus.

“Phases” appears on the 22-year-old Canadian’s recently-released EP, Heartbreak School, and this weekend (October 26) Kozak will celebrate another career milestone — making her debut on the Grand Ole Opry.