Michael Ray Washes Heartbreak Away in ‘Whiskey and Rain’ Video

Check out this throwback song and video combo!

Written by Chris Parton
Michael Ray Washes Heartbreak Away in ‘Whiskey and Rain’ Video
Michael Ray; Photo credit: Sean Hagwell

Michael Ray taps into a downpour of classic-country heartache in his new single, “Whiskey and Rain,” and its video finds him riding out the storm.

Written by Josh Thompson and Jesse Frasure with a moody vibe that recalls the glossy, post-honky tonk sound of the ’90s, the track features twangy guitars and wounded vocals all about the idea that misery loves company — and that you can’t be lonely, as long as there’s a bottle by your side. Meanwhile, a video directed by Sean Hagwell brings the track’s throwback style to life.

Clearly taking place in the flip-phone era and set in the middle of an emotional hurricane, it finds Ray drowning his sorrows in a cozy tavern. But while he may come in alone, he seems to find the connection he needs.

“I wanted the video to feel familiar to anyone who watches it, and I think we accomplished that with a throwback to a honky tonk,” Ray said in an interview on SiriusXM. “But more importantly, I wanted to show how heartbreak can open you up to genuine connections with other people. If you’re already feeling vulnerable, maybe you’re more likely to be a listening ear for someone else, or maybe it makes it more important to champion other folks who are doing well. Opening yourself up to that can help ease your own heartbreak a little faster.”

Arriving after Ray and fellow hit maker Carly Pearce stunned fans with news of their divorce in June, the track signals a new approach for the “Her World Or Mine” star. Ray calls “Whiskey and Rain” some of his best work to date, and says he plans to follow suit with more new tunes to come.

“I’m very proud of and grateful for everything we’ve done over the last decade, but this is the music I originally came to Nashville to make,” he said. “I think fans will get a better idea of who I am as an artist. And when we can get back to live shows, I hope they’ll come out and sing it with us.”