Michael Ray’s Sentimental ‘Picture’ Was Inspired By A Personal Loss

"Tell them that you love 'em while you got the chance..."

Written by Jeremy Chua
Michael Ray’s Sentimental ‘Picture’ Was Inspired By A Personal Loss
Michael Ray; Photo Credit: Anna Clary

Country singer-songwriter Michael Ray has released, “Picture,” his first new track of the year and the follow-up to current single, “Whiskey And Rain.”

The stirring song serves as a timely reminder to listeners to be present to life, conversations and every second spent with loved ones, whilst also not forgetting to grab their polaroid, cell phone or camera of choice to capture those special moments. 

“Take every snapshot while you can / Tell them that you love ‘em while you got the chance / Make sure that you take it in / ‘Cause one day all you gonna have with them / Is a picture,” Ray sings on the moving chorus. 

“This past year I was able to go home and reconnect with what made me want to move to Nashville, what made me fall in love with music, the people who made me who I am, the people who believed in me from day one,” the Eustis, Florida native says. “I think it helped me re-find myself and re-discover the kind of music I want to make. That’s where a song like ‘Picture’ comes from. 

Calling it one of his most personal songs he’s ever cut and written in his ‘Warehouse Sessions’ livestream in February, “Picture” is a song dedicated to Ray’s late uncle, who passed away in June last year from an unexpected heart attack. What transpired from that grief was this poignant track, which the 33-year-old penned with HARDY and David Garcia.

“After my Uncle Terry passed [away] last June, I wanted to write an autobiographical song about my family and the memories we all have to look back on—but it’s not a sad song. It’s a song of celebration,” Ray adds. 

“I hope it reminds people, like it does for me, to capture moments with their loved ones.”

More new music from Ray is slated to arrive soon. While you wait, watch the David Bradley-directed music video for “Picture” above, and listen to other country releases on our New Nashville playlist below.