Mickey Guyton Prays for a Better World in ‘Heaven Down Here’ Video

She's finally getting the attention she deserves, and she's got plenty to say.

Written by Chris Parton
Mickey Guyton Prays for a Better World in ‘Heaven Down Here’ Video
Mickey Guyton; Photo Credit: Phylicia J. L. Munn

Mickey Guyton sends up a visual prayer for a better world in her new video for the meditative “Heaven Down Here.” 

Directed by Sarah McColgan, the powerful clip uses images of upheaval and empty streets from around the world to evoke its message — all about bringing more of God’s perfection to the here and now. An epic-feeling blast of midtempo message rock, the track itself is another perfectly timed piece of social commentary from an artist who’s rise to prominence is long overdo, as she manages to ask though questions and still sound engaging musically. In this case, “Heaven Down Here” starts out quietly with a crisp electric guitar and Guyton’s pleading voice drawing the listener in, before erupting into a volcano of crunchy guitars and inspiring lyrics.

“If you got a little love, left in your back pocket / Rain it down like pennies, in this wishing well of tears / I know that you’re busy, but if you could hear me talking / We could use a little more heaven down here,” goes the reflective chorus hook.

Looking ahead, Mickey Guyton will perform “Heaven Down Here” on the CMT Music Awards October 21. The track follows a wave of primetime attention Guyton has received in 2020, based in large part on brave and empowering tracks like “What Are You Gonna Tell Her?” and “Black Like Me,” which find the Texas native and longtime country singer embracing her identity like never before.