Mike Ryan Is Cornered By The Haunting Memories Of A Past Love on ‘Ghost Town’

Mike Ryan struggles to move on from a past relationship on new single, "Ghost Town"

Written by Jeremy Chua
Mike Ryan Is Cornered By The Haunting Memories Of A  Past Love on ‘Ghost Town’
Photo Courtesy of Mike Ryan

Mike Ryan has released “Ghost Town,” his hauntingly good new single.

The mid-tempo tune chronicles how an old flame and lingering memories of their past relationship pervade every corner of Ryan’s hometown. “I hear your laugh, I turn around, turns out it’s not / What am I supposed to do? / Look what you’ve turned this place into,” he laments, before dreadfully realizing in the chorus: “This ain’t nothin’ but an old ghost town / There’s too much of us still hangin’ around.

“Sometimes it takes a song a little while to grow on me. Even some of my favorites took awhile to get there, but not ‘Ghost Town,'” the San Antonio, Texas native shared with Sounds Like Nashville. “I left the session thinking it was one of the best songs I’ve been a part of and I still feel that way now.” 

“Ghost Town” follows Ryan’s sixth career No.1 Texas radio hit single, “Dear, Country Music.” The reflective song served as the singer-songwriter’s personal letter of gratitude to the “country music” for how its accompanied him through his life journey. To date, it has amassed close to 1.5 million streams on Spotify alone.

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The new single is LIVE! Enjoy! #ghosttown

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“Ghost Town” was delivered to Texas radio on June 1. Listen to “Ghost Town” now.