Miranda Lambert Helps Introduce Luke Dick in ‘Polyester’

You might not recognize his name, but you definitely know his work.

Written by Chris Parton
Miranda Lambert Helps Introduce Luke Dick in ‘Polyester’
Luke Dick, Photo by Terry Wyatt/ACMA2020/Getty Images for ACM; Miranda Lambert, Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for CMA

Fans might not recognize the name Luke Dick just yet, but without a doubt, they will recognize his work. The songsmith has been one of Nashville’s hottest hit makers in recent years, co-penning standouts like Miranda Lambert’s “Bluebird” and “Settling Down,” among others. And now, Lambert is helping introduce the quirky talent properly.

She’s is featured on a duet titled, “Polyester,” and there’s nothing artificial about this grooving roots anthem, or the wild tale it’s based on.

With Lambert trading verses about the quirky characters that populate Dick’s childhood, the track is a tribute to an unorthodox upbringing — sung with undeniable charm and Dick’s unpredictable edge.

It’s part of the soundtrack to the new documentary, Red Dog, which follows the tunesmith’s journey from the Oklahoma City topless bar where his mother worked, to the top of the charts. Having also co-written hits like Dierks Bentley’s “Burning Man,” Eric Church’s “Kill a Word” and more, “Polyester” helps color in that incredible story, and Dick says he felt compelled to tell it in his own words.

“It’s been a long, long road for all these songs to travel,” he says. “The concepts for the songs originated through so many personal experiences — through lives and hearts — and come out the other side of my weird brain. I am extremely proud of every single note of this music. The record reflects the history of real people, wrapped up in backbeats and ballads, presented through swagger and sadness. On top of it all, it encapsulates joy, pain, hope and laughter.”

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“Polyester” is just one chapter in the charismatic tale, and more intriguing stories are told throughout the project, including collaborations with Bentley, Natlalie Hemby and more. The soundtrack album Music From the Documentary Red Dog is out now, and so is the full Red Dog film, available for streaming on Hulu, Amazon and other digital platforms.


1 – Red Dog Intro
2 – ”Oklahomie” – Performed by Hey Steve featuring Patrick Carney (Written by Luke Dick and Patrick Carney)
3 – Prison Tat (Interlude)
4 – Tattoo – Performed by Luke Dick (Written by Dick, Laura Veltz and Jessie Jo Dillon)
5 – Got An Average (Interlude)
6 – Polyester – Performed by Dick featuring Miranda Lambert (Written by Dick and Chris Dubois)
7 – Plain White T – Performed by Dick (Written by Dick, Jeff Hyde and Laura Veltz)
8 – It Wasn’t Normal (Interlude)
9 – Blazer – Performed by Luke Dick featuring Dierks Bentley (Written by Dick, Joey Hyde and Jeff Hyde)
10 – Guy Named Rachel – Performed by Luke Dick (Written by Dick and Rodney Clawson)
11 – Henceforth (Interlude)
12 – Nasty Kathy – Performed by Luke Dick (Written by Dick and Chris Dubois)
13 – Kool – Performed by Luke Dick (Written by Dick, Jeff Hyde and Jessie Jo Dillon)
14 – Solar Dryer (Interlude)
15 – B Level Hustler – Performed by Luke Dick featuring Jackson Dean (Written by Dick and Chris Dubois)
16 – Vegas (Interlude)
17 – Dance Like Me – Performed by Luke Dick (Written by Dick and Rick Brantley)
18 – Five O’Clock Shadow – Performed by Luke Dick (Written by Dick, Natalie Hemby and Rosi Golan)
19 – I Won (Interlude)
20 – Tiny Dreams – Performed by Luke Dick (Written by Dick, Jason Lehning and Patrick Carney)
21 – You’re Beautiful (Interlude)
22 – Mothers and Sons – Performed by Dick featuring Natalie Hemby (Written by Luke Dick and Natalie Hemby)